Soul of Nature

“Soul of Nature” is the first collection of Sadee.

This collection consists of different designs and sizes: “Immortal Trees”, “Water Glow” and “Baby Cycas”.

Sadee’s silk scarves are designed with countless colours of four seasons and their sizes provide plenty of usage methods: a scarf around your neck, a bandana in your hair, a wrist accessory, a belt, a bag accessory and many more…

Wish you to live the “moment” with Sadee’s special scarves designed with the inspiration of nature and life…

Immortal Trees (130 x 130)

The “Immortal Trees” collection invites you to a joyful journey…

Trees, dead or alive, bring life to many living creatures…

Wish you to bring serenity to your life with the scarves of Immortal Trees, which are inspired by the trees around Eminönü reflecting the historical background of Istanbul…

Immortal Trees in autumn

Immortal Trees in winter

Immortal Trees in spring

Immortal Trees in summer

Water Glow (42×42)

The “Water Glow” collection is the precursor of indispensability…

It has been designed to make you feel the water glows by feeling their rhythms.

Wish you to bring joy to your life with the scarves of Water Glow which are inspired by the waterfall of Castello Sforzeco in Milano…

Water Glow in autumn

Water Glow in winter

Water Glow in spring

Water Glow in summer

Baby Cycas (14×180)

Cycas revoluta, which is a Japanese plant, becomes more and more famous as a fossil plant in the world. However, not every long-living plant is a fossil.

To be a fossil plant depends on luck and so to find it.

There are exceptional cycas trees in Antalya and the collection consists of baby cycas designs…

Wish you to bring luck to your life with the scarves of Baby Cycas…

The scarves of this collection are two-fold (plain and patterned).

Baby Cycas in autumn

Baby Cycas in winter

Baby Cycas in spring

Baby Cycas in summer